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Volunteer Opportunities 

Thurmont Riding Club, Inc. is a members' club comprised of a variety of volunteers in our extended community. We provide several showing & fellowship opportunities throughout the year & the judges are the only show staff paid. Please note, some judges donate their earnings back to us! :) The rest of the "work" is provided by volunteers. This volunteerism helps to ensure we can continue to offer low cost shows & fellowship. We require all members to volunteer a MINIMUM of 4 hours throughout the year to be eligible for year end awards.

Fillable PDF Volunteer hours log form

Volunteer Hours Log On-Line Submission Form

Click link below:

Additional Volunteer Opportunities 
  • Show Assistants 

  • Ring Crew before, during & after shows

  • Show Announcers 

  • Grounds Mowing

  • Ring Maintenance & Dragging

  • Awards Banquet Setup and Cleanup

  • Help with Pony Rides at Community Show

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